Lampwork Memorial Beads

A beautiful & sensitive way to honor a loved one’s memory (pet or human)

Cremation beads are glass beads that are infused with a small amount of cremation ash. The result is a beautiful piece of art that will be as unique as your loved one.

Pendants, charms,  key chains, and pocket tokens are some of the most popular items I make.  Candleholders, ornaments, marbles and bottle stoppers also make very nice remembrance pieces.

Ash can be concealed in the core of the bead which makes it invisible to the eye but still near to the heart.

Or it can be captured in transparent glass which leaves it easily seen.


Please visit my Facebook page to view a video about how I create memorial beads.

  • Charms start at $35.00. These are beautiful beads containing your loved ones ashes.  They will fit most European style bracelets and have sterling silver rivet caps.


  • Pendants start at $40.00 and come in many shapes and sizes. This is a beautiful pendant of your design to wear and keep close to your heart.  Pendants do not come with a chain, I leave that up to your choosing.

  • Pocket hearts and tokens start at $45.00  These solid pieces are meant to sit somewhere special or carry in a pocket.

  • Memorial ornaments are $50.00 and come in many colors.  They hold your loved one’s ashes and can be hung once a year at the holidays or kept year round as a display.


  • Memorial key rings are $35.00  They have a bead added to them that contains your loved ones ash.  They come in silver, gold, purple, red, black, bright green and turquoise. Heart or oval shape available.  



I believe that each and every bead is special, meaningful, and important. I approach the bead making process with the utmost care and respect for you and your loved one.

It’s not JUST a bead, it is so much more than that. My goal is to make it as personal and as special as possible.  I can make just about any design with any colors you choose. 

Most orders take no more than 1 Tablespoon of ash. It is carefully sifted  and refined before use and any remaining ash is returned to you along with your order.

Please contact me to further discuss your needs.